Richie Hardcore spends his days fighting for good things.

A Muay Thai champion and a campaigner for social change, you could say Richie Hardcore was a bit of a fighter.

With a career that spanned more than 20 years, he was paid to punched people in the face. These days, that energy is channelled towards Richie’s big mission – to help make the world better by supporting people to live their best lives.

He does that in three ways:

Public speaking and social campaigner

Richie has social change at the heart of everything he does.

He’s spent time as a community worker in drug and alcohol harm reduction, is a campaigner against domestic and sexual violence, and a sexual consent educator. Richie is passionate about helping to overturn this country’s mental health statistics.

An excellent public speaker, he’s also an experienced radio host and MC, using his skills to help educate, inspire and challenge.


Personal training

For Richie, physical wellness creates a range of positive knock-on effects – better mental health, less stress, happier relationships and a more productive life. That belief underpins his work as a personal trainer, helping his clients work towards overall wellness rather than focussing on just weight-loss or fitness.

Richie’s positive approach means he can work with and relate to everyone, from ordinary Kiwis to celebrities and corporates groups. His list of past and present clients includes comedians, musicians, actors and media personalities.


Fight coach

Richie earnestly believes that fighting saved him – from depression, drug and alcohol abuse, and ironically, from seeing violence as a solution.

Over two decades, he won national and international titles. Now he trains people from all walks of life in Muay Thai and kickboxing, drawing on the disciplines of boxing, other martial arts, and functional training modalities like Cross fit and ZUU.

He is passionate about guiding his clients through transformations – both in their fitness and skill, and in their approach to life.