At age 13, Richie discovered what would become a lifelong love affair with martial arts through Tae Kwon Do class. From there he spent almost 20 years collecting numerous accolades over his long career including five New Zealand titles, a WKBF four man and a South Pacific Muay Thai Title. While his first love is Thaiboxing, along the way Richie also has competed in Mixed Martial Arts and Professional boxing.

Though he’s now retired from professional fighting , his love of the sport is in his blood. He now spends his days coaching under the name “Team Hardcore” and works contractually training and managing professionals for upcoming bouts.

Richie credits his early trainers for shaping him from a fledgling athlete into a champion fighter, and he works to instill that same drive and love into his students, whether they’re training to fight or simply reach fitness goals.

Having lived the life of a fighter, Richie understands the sacrifice and determination required for the sport, and allows this unique understanding to fully immerse himself in his training of others.

A firm believer that health and fitness are hugely important to a healthy mind, when he’s not teaching Muay Thai, Richie is the go-to personal trainer for a variety of celebrity corporate clients, with an impressive list of past and present clients including comedian Dai Henwood, Killing Joke front man Jazz Colman and media personality Matt Heath.

You can contact Richie directly if you are interested in training for Muay Thai fighting.