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White Ribbon Campaign – Respectful Relationships / video

Interview on TV 3’s The Cafe about the White Ribbon Campaign and respectful relationships


Don’t Drink From the Mainstream – The Women’s Collective / video

Richie gave an amazing, heart warming, passionate talk about the normalisation of behaviours in society around alcohol, porn and meat. He reckons these things are making us unhappy, unhealthy and comatose.  His talk was genuine, funny, sincere and full of truth, everyone left this event full of inspiration and hope.


Creative Mornings / video


Richie Hardcore speaks at the February 2014 CreativeMornings talk in Auckland about what it means to be a Modern day Rebel.



Inspirational Friends / link


Late last week we had the pleasure of interviewing someone who we both find to be inspirational, a future leader and fantastic role model – Richie Hardcore.  He stands up for what he believes in and is a great voice for those who cannot be heard, always has a positive attitude, is selfless and an all round good guy.



Gather & Hunt / link


Richie Hardcore, an inspiring guy we met and liked a lot.

Sometimes Auckland feels like a small place, which is great if you like running into people (which we do). A few weeks ago we strolled up to check out the new Coco’s Baretta on K’Road, and bumped into a lovely lady called Barbara who runs the Karangahape Road Business Association.


Hardcore Super Hero by Tearaway – The Voice of NZ Youth / link


Richie Hardcore is pretty much a real life superhero. Not only is he a Muay Thai boxing champion, he’s a Community Action Youth and Drugs facilitator for Auckland Council, a personal trainer and a radio host on 95bfm. Plus, he’s a vegetarian who abstains from alcohol and drugs and he avoids materials that use animal products. Bit of a legend!


Go Veg / link


RICHIE HARDCORE, at 32 has been 95 BFM’s quintessential punk and hard-core DJ for the past 12 years. When he’s not playing tunes and giving his thoughts on air, he works for CAYAD, a Ministry of Health initiative focused on reducing the damage drugs and alcohol cause in our society. Richie also competes internationally in Muay Thai fighting (hence his black eye!) However this hard-core guy has a real soft heart when it comes to compassion and environmental responsibility.


NPH NZ / video


Richie Hardcore, DJ at 95bFM and NPH NZ’s newest celebrity ambassador, prepares for the Live Below the Line challenge.



The Nutters Club, Series 4 Episode 4 / video


A fresh, spontaneous and entertaining approach to mental health issues. Mike King hosts a popular talkback radio show featuring fearless and frank discussion with guest speaker Richie Hardcore.


Blacklistt – Burn / video


The 3rd Single ‘Burn’ from the forthcoming Blacklistt Album.

Featuring Richie Hardcore.