If you are interested in Muay Thai training and competitions or participating in all forms of martial arts, these resources will give you that extra push to succeed.

World Muay Thai Council –

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This site aims to promote awareness of Muay Thai within martial arts communities and throughout the sporting world. The World Muay Thai Council (WMC) is in partnership with the International Federation of Muay Thai Amateur (IFMA).

The IFMA is currently the official governing body for amateur Muay Thai in the world. The organisation is also a member of the Olympic Council of Asia. Readers can follow the latest news stories by subscribing to this organisation.

Muay Thai Freak –

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People who are passionate about Muay Thai will find everything they need to know about Muay Thai in one place. Deni Nastoski is the editor of this popular blog. He specialises in helping athletes to become more educated about Muay Thai by providing listeners and readers with a constant supply of informative articles and video clips.

Nastoski gives subscribers interesting facts about the sport, as well as provides beginners with some nifty guides to start out.

Muay Ying: Muay Thai for Everyone –

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This blog was designed with a mission to deliver news about Muay Thai straight out of Thailand. It intends to bring people together and promotes both male and female students of the sport. The site is a great resource to learn about competitions, fights, news, and competition results.

IFMA Muaythai –

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This online platform has the intention of promoting Amateur Muay Thai as a means of self-defence, and most importantly, as a cultural art form. The International Federation of Muaythai Amateur is currently the governing authority for regulating amateur Muay Thai. Find more posts and updates on Muay Thai around the world here.

Muay Thai Canada: National Federation for Amateur Muay Thai

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This organisation is based in Canada, and it is the only recognised National Federation for Amateur Muay Thai under the IFMA in Canada. It promotes the success of athletes on the world stage by developing training programmes and providing financial support for athletes who are less fortunate. Follow the latest news concerning Muay Thai in Canada on this site.

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